Tips for Helping the Environment Every Day

When I was in grade school, I walked to and from school with several of my friends. One day, we came across a bird with a piece of plastic litter wrapped around its beak. I had my friends stay and watch him while I ran home to tell my parents. They called the local Wildlife Protection Agency, and a nice worker came and helped remove the plastic from the bird's beak. The worker then stayed after and answered many of my questions about how litter can affect wildlife. I then became a very young environmental enthusiast and, over the years, have been eager to share my tips for protecting the earth and wildlife with others. I decided to create a blog to share many of my tips on, so come back often to learn many ways you can help the Earth easily every day!

The Tiny Home Energy Solution: 3 Portable Solutions To Power Your Tiny Home


The Tiny Home Movement has a small problem, which is getting power to devices when you do not have conventional utilities available. There are several solutions that you may want to consider powering your tiny home, such as using a portable gas generator, solar panels or solar generator. Each of these solutions have their one benefits. Here are some of the portable energy solutions that you may want to consider for your tiny home:

1. Portable Gas Generators When You Need More Power

One of the best solutions for portable power is to use a portable gas generator. Gas generators come in various different sizes and will be able to power all the electrical wiring that is installed in tiny homes. This is a great solution for powering things that use a lot of electricity, such as home appliances and power tools. When choosing portable generators, you have a choice of gasoline and diesel generators. If you want to have a generator that is quitter, gasoline it the best choice, while a diesel generator will be more reliable and produce more power.

2. Solar Panels That Are Fixed to Your Roof for Small Power Needs

Gasoline generators may sometimes be a problem with tiny homes due to the noise they make. Another solution to consider for the power needs of your tiny home is to use solar panels. You can have a small solar panel array installed on your tiny home, which will produce electricity to charge a battery bank for electronics. It may not power large appliances, but it is a good solution for lighting and small electronic devices that you use daily.

3. Using Portable Solar Generators to Increase Electrical Capacity of Tiny Homes

Sometimes, the solar panel array may not be enough for your power needs and a gasoline generator can be noisy and inconvenient. To solve this problem, consider using portable solar generators, which are convenient and can easily be set up to give your tiny house additional electrical power. One of the benefits of portable solar generators is that they can easily be setup anywhere you need them, and moved around to maximize electricity that is produced by the panels.

These are some of the portable energy solutions that you may want to consider for your tiny home. If you need power for your home, contact a portable generator service and talk with them about some of these options.


26 November 2017