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When I was in grade school, I walked to and from school with several of my friends. One day, we came across a bird with a piece of plastic litter wrapped around its beak. I had my friends stay and watch him while I ran home to tell my parents. They called the local Wildlife Protection Agency, and a nice worker came and helped remove the plastic from the bird's beak. The worker then stayed after and answered many of my questions about how litter can affect wildlife. I then became a very young environmental enthusiast and, over the years, have been eager to share my tips for protecting the earth and wildlife with others. I decided to create a blog to share many of my tips on, so come back often to learn many ways you can help the Earth easily every day!

3 Surprising Benefits Of Erosion Control

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A lot of effort goes into offsetting the effects of soil erosion each year. And as an environmentally conscious individual, your contribution towards erosion control would go a long way in conserving the environment's natural beauty and functionality. The wellbeing of the environment should be of concern to more people because the planet essentially exists to sustain life.

One might argue that erosion is a fundamentally natural process and as such, should not be interfered with. However, like most natural processes, it has its upsides and downsides; and the role of erosion control is to minimize its adverse effects. Continue reading to learn the surprising benefits of erosion control.

Lower Runoff Velocity

When storm water is running down a slope, the runoff velocity increases, and as a result, the erosion potential in the areas drastically heightens. The dislodged rocks and solid particles are transported and deposited into water bodies as unwanted sediments.

So aside from leaving the ground bare, aggressive soil erosion also interferes with aquatic flora and fauna. What's more, the excess soil reduces the water depth in streams and can clog sewers and other artificial waterways.

Through the implementation of appropriate erosion control measures, this form of overland erosion can be managed, preventing unwanted alterations to the environmental makeup. Planting vegetative layers reduces runoff velocity, preventing the force of runoff water from dislodging excess soil as it flows down.

Maintain Soil Integrity

Since soil is the foundation of environmentally sound agriculture, soil health is of utmost importance. Plants need soil to support vegetation and sustain environmental quality throughout millennia. For this reason, the adaptation of feasible management practices that maintain the integrity of soil is crucial.

As someone who understands soil processes and would like to protect the well-being of the environment, the greatest contribution you can make to environmental conservation is implementing erosion control.

Installing erosion blankets develops a filter system that prevents more soil from getting washed off the surface of the earth. Such a sustainable solution enables you to manage soil health in your immediate surrounding over an extended period.

Protect Soil Fertility

When you quickly skim through basic agricultural concepts, you'll discover that soil organic matter is a storehouse of several plant nutrients. And the soil organisms that exist on topsoil are responsible for decomposing soil organic matter to release the nutrients required for vegetation growth.

That's why it's important to implement erosion control techniques that prevent the displacement of topsoil that is responsible for facilitating plant growth. Installing erosion control blankets prevents this nutritious soil layer from joining runoff streams. It also improves the soil's absorptive capacity, allowing vegetation to access sufficient water for growth.

Now that you know about soil protection, don't hesitate to implement erosion control techniques that maintain its integrity. To get more tips on how to contribute to erosion control, contact a landscaping company.


5 October 2021