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When I was in grade school, I walked to and from school with several of my friends. One day, we came across a bird with a piece of plastic litter wrapped around its beak. I had my friends stay and watch him while I ran home to tell my parents. They called the local Wildlife Protection Agency, and a nice worker came and helped remove the plastic from the bird's beak. The worker then stayed after and answered many of my questions about how litter can affect wildlife. I then became a very young environmental enthusiast and, over the years, have been eager to share my tips for protecting the earth and wildlife with others. I decided to create a blog to share many of my tips on, so come back often to learn many ways you can help the Earth easily every day!

Don't Let The Gunk Get You Down: Why You Need To Keep Your Restaurant Sewers Lines And Grease Traps Clean

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When you own a restaurant, sanitation is extremely important; not only for your customers but for your employees and the environment, as well. To keep your restaurant as sanitary as possible, you need to keep your sewer, and your grease traps clean. Luckily, you don't need to do the cleaning for yourself. There are companies that will come out and take care of that chore for you. However, you do need to schedule the appointments as part of your routine maintenance schedule. If you've been putting off having your sewer and grease traps cleaned, here are three reasons why you should stop putting it off, and schedule the service.

Reduce Odors in the Workplace

When your customers come in to eat, the last thing they want to be greeted by are foul sewer odors. The smell of sewer gases and old grease can really ruin an appetite, which isn't good when you run a restaurant. Luckily, sewer and grease trap cleaning will clear up those foul odors so that your restaurant will smell clean and fresh for your customers. One of the benefits of routine cleaning is that you'll know when it's time to schedule a return visit. Just wait until you get that first whiff of foul odors telling you that your sewer and grease traps are dirty again.

Help the Environment

When you own a restaurant, you want to be part of the community. Part of that community involvement includes giving back and doing your part to improve things. Sewer and grease trap cleaning allows you to do that. In fact, cleaning your sewer and grease trap goes a long way towards helping the environment. The sludge that's removed from your traps is cleaned, processed, and recycled into methane gas that can be used as power throughout your community. So, you won't just be cleaning your sewer and grease trap, you'll be helping your community and the environment.

Prevent Clogs in Drain Pipes

There's nothing worse than dealing with clogged drain pipes when you run a restaurant. Stubborn clogs can cause sewage and grease to back up through the pipes, leaving you with an awful mess to clean up. Not to mention a sanitation nightmare to deal with. That's why it's so important that you keep your sewer and grease trap cleaned out. Cleaning your sewer and grease trap will remove the gunk and slime that can lead to the stubborn clogs. Once your sewer and grease traps are cleaned, your drains will flow smoothly and you won't need to worry about troublesome clogs. 

To learn more, contact a sewer cleaning service near you. 


1 December 2017